Thursday, 10 May 2012

Remote control.

NEWS reaches me that some enterprising souls have found a way to turn a Nintendo Wii into something which can give even more fun.

Seeing as most men how to play a shoot 'em up perhaps they'll have some luck with a new gadget which allows you to play with your partner from anywhere in the world.

The Mojowijo toy comes in two parts which can plug into a games console and connect wirelessly to laptops. You log on with your part, partner logs on with theirs, and once online they can tickle each other. Man in New York can wave his tool and Lady in London gets a buzz.

At last, a really good use for the internet! And no more trying to type dirty.

It sounds great but there are immediately a couple of real-life problems I can imagine creeping in.

* What happens if there's a glitch in the software and you get a crossed wire with someone else's toy?

* Is it basically going to lead to even more unpracticed prodding?

* And is he going to be playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour out of the corner of his eye?

Top marks for whoever came up with the idea, because they sell for $230 a pair. But is a gadget ever going to be as good as the real thing?

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